In Memory


In Loving Memory of the Dogs that made us fall in love with the breed 
– forever in our hearts.

“Heaven’s Gate”

Goodbye, my friend – I know we’ll meet again
I know you’ll wait by Heaven’s Gate
You brought such joy smiles and tears
Faithful friend throughout the years
Some were here not so long
Matters not the love’s still strong
Time flew by way too fast
A love so true will always last
You brightened my life each and everyday
And now I strive to find my way
So goodbye my friend – I know that in the end
You’ll tell me where and I’ll be there
By Heaven’s door you’ll wait no more
So wait for me and you will see
By your side is where I’ll be
For when I reach Heaven above
We will complete the circle of love ♥ 
BY: Linda Randall

In loving memory of our Casey and Bailey!